Spanish General Elections 2015. Madrid/ Spain.

Train to Varanasi, India.

East Side Gallery, Berlín.

Chennai, India.

Lavapiés, Madrid / Spain.

Eviction proceedings in Madrid / Spain.

 Rickshaw driver, Calcutta.

 Refugees wait in harsh conditions in Mytilene Port, Greece.

Morning bath in Calcutta.

Clashes in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapies between neighbors and the local police, following the eviction of Antonio, a neighbor with a chronic illness and a disability pension does not allow him to pay the rent of his apartment. -- Anti-eviction activists protest in Madrid neighborhood of Lavapies against the eviction of Antonio, a chronically ill resident with a pension insufficient to pay the rent. Madrid / Spain.

Chewing betel plant in Calcutta.

Demostration in Mytilene’s streets in support the refugees, Greece.

 Economic crisis in Spain.

The art of mud in Bombay.

Fans of Atletico and Real Madrid react in the center of  Madrid,  during the final of the UEFA Champions League at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on May 28, 2016 in Milan, Italy. Madrid / Spain.

Protest on Gran Vía. Madrid / Spain.

Thousands gather in central Madrid following news of the abdication of King Juan Carlos. Puerta del Sol, Madrid / Spain.

Free Palestine. Madrid / Spain.

Slums. Dharavi / Bombay.


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